Saturday, September 11, 2004

Associate Publisher

I am the new Associate Publisher for Double Dragon's fantasy ebook imprint, Dragon Tooth Ebooks.

This has been a possibility for some time. I've been reading slush, as people knew, for awhile in a sort of test of the position, and preparing for the real work of taking books from submission through publication, as well as doing some marketing. I will also now get a percentage on the sales of all books I produce. Did I mention I have complete control over everything in my section?

I imagine some people out there are wondering when I'll find the time with everything else -- but the truth is that I've been preparing for this for some time, and I'm getting better at alotting time to the proper causes. It's really a great opportunity. I'm setting up a page on my web site to explain what I'm looking for, what to expect if you submit, and how the process works.

I also plan to produce at least one anthology a year. I'm working on the submission guidelines for it as well.

Oh, and the back is still bothering me, but I'm working anyway and ignoring it as best I can at this point. I have the first chapter of Ada Nish Pura done and I really like the rewrite -- I'm now working on the second chapter. If I can get it done at a chapter a day, I'll be finished by mid-October, I think.. I have another story for the DDP $1 download section almost ready to go off. The class for tonight's 2YN is nearly done.

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