Monday, September 06, 2004

Done and off!

If you look closely, it's obvious that I put in my own background on that picture. The kit fox was up against a messy stone backdrop that just drew away from seeing him. This is much better.

I just sent Without a Fear of Words off to the publisher. Nice to have such a quick turn around and get something out of my hands like that. This book also makes my 9th sale for the year -- averaging one a month isn't too bad. I also have two in a non-paying market -- the picture and essay site called A Picture's Worth (this is my last entry there). I really love doing stuff for that site and should plan to do one or so a month next year. That would be fun. They only require between 300-1000 words. And a picture. I don't have a problem with the second part and you'd think I shouldn't have trouble with the first, either!

What else? Paid in Gold and Blood is very nearly done. It's going to be a bit over 80,000 I think, and not a bad story at all! Once I have it finished, I'll go back to work on Written in the Sand.
Tonight, though, I'm celebrating another sale, and one I had not expected -- at least not in this format. It's fun to have writing surprises now and then.

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