Friday, September 10, 2004

Done and Done!

Early yesterday morning I finished Paid in Gold and Blood. And then, right around midnight tonight (less than 24 hours later), I finished the work on Mirrors, except for some general clean up (aligning chapters properly, making certain they're numbered correctly, etc.).

And I'm happy with both. Okay, that may be a result of the pills that have finally knocked the pain out of my back, but still -- I got them both through their current drafts. Paid is preparing for a jaunt out into the world. Mirrors is going through a general check over to get the chapters lined up properly and a recheck of the spelling for a couple words, which I noticed I kept changing.

I have Ada Nish Pura pulled up to do a massive rework. I also need to do two more short pieces for DDP. No, hold it. I think I need three now. I'll pull one of them up for my current edit project and put Ada at the top of the list for rewrite -- which means printing it off and starting new. There's a lot about it I like, but quite a bit that needs reworked, expanded, better explained....

Still, I have hopes for getting it done fairly fast. The book is about 96,000 words right now. I do not expect a lot of growth, but I do expect considerable change.

I'm still having some back problems, but I'm getting caught up, finally.

It's a good way to head into autumn and the last months of the year!

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