Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Sale!

Today I sold Without a Fear of Words, a collection of articles on writing. This will be an ebook from DDP -- and it was an unexpected sale. I had offered some of the articles as a small collection for the Dollar Download section. Deron upped the ante and suggested a full priced ebook instead. With that in mind, I said I would add some new material and get it all ready to go.

The good part of this is that the majority of the material has already been edited by the wonderful copy editors that have worked for Vision. That means far less work for everyone concerned. My biggest problem right now is to arrange the material (I'm going mostly for alphabetical), cull some of the stuff that is repetitious, and then get it all formatted and ready to go. I think I can have it done by the end of this weekend, especially since it appears Russ is going to be working out of town again. (sigh)

What else? Well, the other novels will be on hold until I get this done, mostly because if I just apply myself to it for the next couple days I can have it completed and not have to worry about it becoming another unfinished project. And since I already have the contract, I think that's a very good idea.

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