Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Doing well

Maybe I shouldn't curse myself, but I am doing well. The back isn't giving me much trouble, even though I worked on cleaning up parts of the house today. My back is a little stiff, but nothing too troublesome.

Russ is going to be gone most of the next two weeks. He's doing a speaking tour through most of Nebraska -- and Nebraska is a very large state. For the first few days he'll be home each night, but as they head out into western Nebraska he won't be driving back each night.

If he were going alone I'd travel with him, maybe. but this is part of a business deal and he has someone else going with him. Ah well. Gives me time to work on house stuff, as long as I'm careful.

We have had thunderstorms all day! I can't remember the last time we had storms as steady as these. Of course we also have flash flood watches tonight, but that doesn't worry me. I'm not close to any creek or stream. I am relatively close to the Missouri River, but that does not 'flash' flood. If we get a 'flood watch' then I'll worry.

What else?

Ada Nish Pura is up to 16,000 words already! And I sent off two submissions in the last two days. Always a good feeling!

I now have a schedule with fourteen things on it, starting with Writing and ending with websites (the general kind, not FM or DT). Three of the items involve reading, which I seriously had to schedule in because I'm not doing nearly enough of it! I plan to go on a great fantasy reading binge. (grin)

I'm still trying to work out the DT parameters for submissions. It's an interesting part of the business to go through. I'm not interested in defining anything to strictly, but it does help to have some basic ideas of what I'm looking for.

Lots to get done yet tonight. And I still have a few Angel episodes to watch. (grin)

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