Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Good Four Days!

Over 40,000 words in four days, plus another sale of a short story to DDP and most of Vision done and ready to go up.

Days like that are fun. I don't want to do 10,000 words a day every day, but it's great for the short run. Even in NaNo I don't get much past the first week with 10,000 word days.

Written in the Sand is a joy to write. The opening moved too slowly, but openings are often that way for me, and in the edit I'll likely rework and cut a good amount of material. The outline is wonderful. 80 some entries, and I have them marked at 1000 words each, but they're almost all going over that word count.

I want to go back to work at it now, but I really can't keep doing 10,000 word days. I do have other things that need to be done. Really. But you know, it probably won't hurt to go for 5,000, right?

(Slaps fingers)

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