Friday, September 17, 2004


I've been getting an incredible amount of work done lately. I'm up to 30,000 words on Ada Nish Pura already, and 100 pages of Mirrors read aloud and edited. I've got 2YN stuff nearly done, and some neat stuff for FM created. I have the DT website designed but not completed.

Autumn agrees with me.

Reading classical material I always find that there are lines that stay with me. Prometheus Bound is like that again:

There hath gone up a cry from earth, a groaning for the fall
Of things of old renown and shapes majestical

...for Art Is by much weaker than Necessity

The holy to the holy,
With frequent feet and lowly

This winter's tale of wrong

Better to die at once, than live
And all my days be evil.

I collect the lines in little notes, and sometimes I find a quote that suits a particular character. I have a book I'm about to write in which one of the characters will have a far more 'classical' background than the others expect. To have wonderful little lines that he might quote now and then is going to be great.

But just to read them, sometimes, is wonderful as well. This isn't the first time I've read Prometheus Bound. It's a short piece (Aeschylus, and this the G. M. Cookson English Verse translation).

I'm going to be reading a lot of odd things for a while. Bits and pieces of stuff, mostly, relating to different subjects. I'm using the Great Books Syntopicon and going through the various subjects they listed there. It will take me forever and I might well lose interest or time or both before I get very far....

But I've alwasy believed in learning just for the sake of learning. So I'm reading the Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia (just scored three of the four missing volumes, so things look good!), and I'll read pieces of related material out of a few dozen books for the Syntopicon, and other odd things as well. My fiction reading has suffered again this year, though. I need to read more fiction, but I was badly disappointed in a few books, and it's hard for me to throw myself back into it again. Even bad nonfiction usually has something interesting to present.

And classics... well, there are a few little Dickens that I haven't read yet, and I love reading his work. Maybe that will come next!

I intend to have Mirrors out by the end of this month and Ada Nish Pura by the end of next month. I likely won't make it. Things seem to happen when I make such plans. But at the moment, everything is moving along and I'm enjoying it. Seems wise to get back to work now, in fact, since Russ will be home soon and I can't say what we might do with the rest of the night!

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