Sunday, June 30, 2002

Russ is down in Omaha helping a friend move. He was there yesterday, too. These have been the hotest days of the summer so far, of course. The friend had no choice. His wife had a son, which put them one kid over the limit for their housing, and they had to be out by the end of June.

I am holding up in my office, the only room with AC.105 heat index temps do not appeal to me at all, and the less time in the rest of the house, the better.

I am set up for the Dare, which starts in about six hours. I'm looking forward to it in an odd sort of way. It's not like I don't have plenty to do without the Dare, or that I won't get much of the same work done if I'm not in a Dare... but having a group of people working toward their goals always seems more fun to me.

I have done what work I can on Vision, but I need some more material from others before I can go on. That doesn't exactly upset me. I can sit and work on writing for a while, and end June with a good count.

So, off I go...

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