Friday, June 28, 2002

I've way too much to get done. And do you know what happens at times like that? I start not getting any single thing done.

So I am setting up a late update for Vision -- not until the 5th or so. I've only gotten one of the articles tonight, and there are still some others that I'm looking for -- plus editing, layout, etc. Putting it back a few days is going to help a lot, but I'm still going to be pressed for this one.

I am also dropping down to 500 words a day until July 1 when the new Dare starts. IU've alrady written over 53,000 this month, so it's not like I need the words to keep my 1000 a day minimum.

Yes, even I need a break now and then. This is the day. Or the few days, at least. My head is pounding, I've hurt my right ankle, and I want to rest. I also want to think about a couple projects and do some background work on them before I leap in.

Sounds very nice... calm...

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