Saturday, June 01, 2002

When I went to bed this morning, I laid there a long time wondering how I can improve the excitment in Crystal and the Stars. I think I finally found it, and it's a problem I had with another novel a few years ago. The enemy is faceless. We know who it is from the previous two books, but for most of this one, they are behind the scenes.

So I'm inserting a few chapters that will expand on what Gix and his half demon son are doing. So far the first one is going well. I don't expect these pieces to be very long, but I think they'll add a nice flavor to the mix, a bit darker...

Time to get things together. New month. I will have this one done soon. At least I've gone over the middle, which had lagged -- but will be better when I put the new material in. Now I'm working my way down to the ending, and I can see it falling together better. And I can see... yes, the reason why the demons are not present in the next two novels. I knew why not, but I can work it into something a it more drastic in this round.

Good. Off to work.

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