Friday, June 07, 2002

Russ took me out for a ride tonight before he went off to play announcer at the comedy club. A storm had just started to blow in, so we headed west into it, and then drove along the gust front on a dirt road. That was really nice! The storm wasn't too horrible -- some stiff winds and a lot of rain, but we only hit a small amount of hail at one point, and we were able to turn out of that band a few moments later.

I absolutely love storms. Right now I can hear the almost continuous growl of thunder outside, but there hasn't been much in lightning, and the winds aren't up. We are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning (Warning means THERE IS A STORM where as Watch means there's a chance of a severe storm), but I think most of it is going just south of us. I'm having a nice time listening to it, though.

I think I'll go check NOAA and see if there have been any tornadoes with this line of storms...

Nothing so far, but they are saying more severe thunderstorms. And I think the rain just hit...

And this just in:

At 718 PM CDT... National Weather Service Doppler Radar Indicated A Line Of Severe Thunderstorms From 3 Miles Northeast Of Jackson To 3 Miles North Of Allen... Or From 4 Miles Southwest Of Northwest Sioux City To 10 Miles Southwest Of Ponca... Moving Southeast At 15 Mph.

This Is A Dangerous Storm. Take Shelter.

Still doesn't sound like much out there though, so I think we're doing all right here!

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