Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Reworking over 100 pages to take out the references to this incident and correct the weakness it left for the characters is not easy. It's working out, but slowly. I like the story better for it, though, so I guess I've made the right decision. Or maybe at this point any change looks better than what it was.

Cutting, reworking, adding new... I'm still getting a positve word count, which amuses me at this point. It's going to take all of today and maybe a day or two more to get this stuff reworked, but after that I can go on through to the end of the novel. Yes, people, I can finally actually see the end of this novel in sight!

The funny thing is that I'm really looking forward to doing book 4. I've every reason to believe that it'll be a lot easier to deal with. Five... Well, I'm setting stuff up for five in this novel, so it's going to fall together a little better in this round. Six... what is six? Ah! Yes... well when I get to that point I think I'll have a better grasp of how this falls together. I hope.

Just make it through #3 first. Stop worrying about the ones that come after it.

Why didn't I just write short stories, huh?

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