Saturday, June 01, 2002

Two small chapters added so far. I odn't think they amount to more than 1500 words. Snippets of life on the other side, and of the gradual change in Tabor as he realizes that he holds answers because he is not limited in his possiblities by his demon blood. It turns out there is a good side to being half human after all.

I'm not getting very far word-wise, but I have made a big improvement in the story, just in those few hundred words. A different feel. Now if I can just change the feel of some of the other material...

Well, first I'm going to get it written up. I'm very nearly to 50,000 words. I would like it to run somewhere between 75-90,000. I suspect that it's going to run short, but if I keep coming up with ideas like this last one, I won't have much trouble.

And the zoo stuff seems to be working. I'm testing an upload right now. We'll see... still some work to do on it, but I think it's going all right.

I hope.

Back to work...

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