Friday, June 14, 2002

I'm still working on the third chapter of the day. Attitude adjusment, attitude adjustment. I keep wanting to go flitter around looking at everything else, slip away for a bit... Not work on this any longer.

But... I might get this done soon if I just put my mind to it. Still about 100 pages to go, and I'm only been doing about 30 or so a day, but I can do better than that! This is stupid, letting myself slow down this much. I know it. I see it every time I start looking outside the story for something to do.


Well, I've added about 8,000 words over all. Cut quite a bit too, so that's really probably closer to 11,000 new words. How much can I get done in the next hour or so? Time for my own private little race, isn't it?

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