Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Had a lovely convention, had a great time at the wildlife refuge, and I don't even mind being home again, despite that everyone seems to want me to do something for them right now.

Some of it I'm just not going to get to. By the time I get through all my email, online posts, and private messages some of it will just be out of date. Oh well. Sometimes you just can't get it all done, no matter how hard you try. I've done remarkably well today, considering how little sleep I've had.

I've come back from a nice convention where we talked writing and I wan to get back to it. So I'm going to start forcing myself back from some work at the site and such and turn that sort of attention back to my writing. I have too few things out in submission right now (Three? Maybe only two.) and a pile of material to be edited. I have four outlines to work on and a couple unfinished novels. I wrote ten short stories last month for the dare (would have loved to do more, but no time, of course) and I actually like three or four of them. A couple of them seem to have developed 'longer' pretensions. We'll see.

The convention was great. I got to speak with friends I only get to see once or twice a year. People bought my chapbook and had me sign it. Even Stephe Pagel of Meisha Merlin bought it and had me sign a copy.

Okay, the tornado warning that sent everyone in the hotel to the basement was odd, but the rest was a great deal of fun.

The only other convention I have planned for this year is in November. Of course that's NaNo month, so that should be... interesting. (grin) That's only six months away now. Amazing how fast time goes. But I'll have outlines done before then and shouldn't have much trouble getting a good run in the first three weeks.

Anything else? Hmmm.... I need to write. I really need to sit down and work now, so off I go...

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