Friday, June 04, 2004

Well of course this works for me....

I've not been getting things done in writing. Oh, I write -- always -- but I keep finding myself with new projects, and not getting many of the older ones finished. We're looking at half way through the year. I decided it was time to get things organized.

I worked out the numbers until I had nine projects in three categories:

First Draft (Farstep Station, Sangre 2, Only A Novel)
Edit (Eliora's World, Mirrors, Ada Nish Pura
Outlines (Resolutions of Trust, Darkness Falls, The Wind and the Sand).

The first piece in each of those is the prime material and I work on it no matter what. But if I get a minimum number of words written or pages edited on it, I can go on to the next one.)

I am a multiple project person. I've always known this. I get a lot of work done when I can look at lists of things and know that there are specific projects that need finished. And since I don't start anything I don't like (and I make sure the plots remain things I like) it's really fun for me to work on them.

Now, you will no doubt notice that there is nothing Forward Motion or Visionish in this list. Those remain on my daily to do list, which generally runs from 10-15 items. I never really get through them all, but it is going pretty well.

This morning when I checked my blood pressure, it was as low as it has been in all year.

I'd say I'm starting to get things sorted out. We'll see how well it goes.

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