Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Thanks everyone who liked the previous picture. It was taken about 3am on a very foggy morning here. I love shots like that -- unexpected beauty.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Russ and I had gone to Colorado as an anniversary trip. He worked part of the day but came home a bit early and we went to Omaha. We stopped at the wild life refuge along the way and I got the most incredible pictures of turtles that I've ever managed before. We had a lovely little Italian dinner (most of which came back home with us because the appetizers could have been dinner by themselves). We stopped at Borders and bought some DVDs (Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, In Search of Troy -- I love Michael Woods! -- and The Presidio movie.)

Then we drove back home. Since it's about two hours both ways we had lots of time to talk about things, like how much has changed since we married. VCRs were new. TSR80 computers were incredible. (We had one -- still have it, in fact, though in storage right now.)

No Internet back then. How life has changed since then!

Which brings us to another aspect of the day... dealing with children on the Internet. In this case being a child has nothing to do with age. It has everything to do with attitude -- How dare you say I can't tell you how to run the site, or start a debate on something that is not open to debate. It's my right! I get to say whatever I want whenever I want! And you HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME!

Well, as someone found out today... no, we don't have to listen to you. I am not going to debate whether to ban minors from Forward Motion. Aside from it being a stupid, thoughtless and arrogant thing to even suggest, no one is going to debate who can or cannot be a member of the site. The rule is simple: If you are interested in writing and you don't make trouble, you can be a member. I don't care what your age is, where you are from, if you are published or not. And I'm certainly not going to encourage such a debate and get other people upset thinking it might happen, just so that an over-aged child can tell people younger than her why she doesn't want them around.

I also said something that I seldom feel I need to point out -- The final decision for what happens at the site falls to me because it is, now, my site. Someone has to make certain decisions. That, of course, offended this person as well. Apparently she thought it was her site. Considering how little she contributed anyway, I don't know where she got that idea.

I have to admit, she brought a lot of laughter to our trip to Omaha.

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