Monday, June 28, 2004

I think she might be all right. Not well -- that's not something that will happen, given how long this problem has lasted. However, she's been yelling at me for food, and she's no longer curled up on her side panting. In fact, she has been spending a good amount of time growling at Wind and stalking off whenever he comes near.

Russ made an appointment for her at 4:30 (an hour away). It's best to take her in anyway, since Russ is leaving for New York in a couple days.

But I'm feeling better about her, and that's allowed me to go back to work. I'm on to #19

By the way, the previous post where I listed the number, I had it wrong. I had the chapter number there for this section of the book, not the number of sections I have left. I'm on 19 out of 23. Yes, that close to finished. I can do this.

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