Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Is everyone going crazy?

In the last couple days I've had to deal with some incredibly rude people, and not all of them on line. I'm beginning to think that there's some sort of summer flu going around. The rude flu! That's it!

At any rate, I wasted far too much time last night dealing with someone who isn't going to be part of the FM site anyway, so why did he keep emailing me? Each one ending with an 'I'm leaving the site' note. He didn't like what someone told him. (shrug) As it happened, the person got a warning as well, all within five minutes of the posts being pointed out... but he was still rude and irrate about how the site had not protected him from this person.

We aren't there to protect you. We have rules that are made to make it difficult for someone to take the problem outside of the boards, but if you are going to post in ways that will draw attention to your personal problems, then you are going to have to be prepared to have someone tell you how to fix them.

But anyway, that took time that I really didn't have last night. So now....

I am missing one big piece of Vision. I'm going to put the issue up without it, I think, and if it comes in, add it in when it arrives. That's one of the great joys of on line stuff.

Russ is putting my new window AC unit in today. He leaves for New York tomorrow and won't be back until the 5th. So we have things to do. That's going to take more time, of course.

But I'm getting there!

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