Thursday, June 17, 2004

So, here I am a couple days back from vacation. Of course there's a ton of work to get caught up on, even though I was only gone for four days and I took some of the work with me.

And there are the computer problems, but at least some of it is working better now, and I have the feeling a few more tweaks of programs and hardware will settle the rest.

It's hard to sit here and work, though, when I have about 400 more pictures to sort through, resize, etc. I've had to make myself do Vision Editing between groups of pictures, and a lot of hand written daily goals while Russ works on and with the computer.

I had a wonderful time in Colorado. Hell, I even had a wonderful time in western Nebraska, which is a completely different ecology than here by the river. Dry, desert like areas, buttes -- and those views where you can see forever. I love looking through the pictures and remembering the moments.

However, other than that, not much going on. Tons'o'work to finish up and a lot of writing to get to. I have some great notes. And I can't wait to get back to Sooma. But first... work on Vision and the site.

And maybe a few more pictures.

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