Sunday, June 06, 2004

So, when did politeness become evil?

I've just had a long and unpleasant conversation with someone who protested that they are required to be polite at the site and not purposely cause flamewars over the death of Reagan. The odd thing was that we agreed on the politics -- I despised Reagan and consider him and his administration as one of the worst things that ever happened in the last century. I think he did more to polarize the country and force people to take sides instead of joining together than any other president, and he started the ball rolling with the lovely Iran/Contra deals that has led the presidency to a position where the people feel they can't trust the person they elect to the post. I think he proved that too many people wanted mediocre 'stars' and not leaders.

Edited addition: Okay, maybe Nixon was worse. But still...

People seem to forget that even Holly called me a 'flaming liberal.' My husband is the local Democratic Party coordinator. I am not a follower of Reagan.

That doesn't mean that I am required to be impolite to those who are, or respect the fact that there are inappropriate places to rant and shout about it.

It's the same problem I've seen everywhere, though. ME ME ME and screw what anyone else feels, as long as I can say what I want whenever I want. I am so tired of children who throw tantrums if they're told this isn't the time and place for the ME ME ME behavior. Hell, they shouldn't have to be told -- but apparently politeness and respect of others beliefs is evil.

I can say these things about Reagan on my blog. But saying it on the site, or in chat for that matter, is just an invitation to start a yelling war, create anger, and not do a damn thing for anyone on either side. I know that a good many people don't agree with me and I respect that they have their own opinions. I also respect that people come to Forward Motion and remain there because they are not going to be attacked for their politics. Personal politics is not important to what we do at Forward Motion.

Purposely going in and attacking Reagan in a chat room the day after his death is just plain damned impolite. But according to a few people, respecting the fact that others at the site do not have the same beliefs as you is evil, and the death of someone loved by millions is the best time to jump in and tell any of those millions who happen to be around that they're idiots, and he was evil incarnate.

Don't do it at Forward Motion. If you want to be that immature and try to start a shouting battle, go do it at some other site. I can think of at least one where you would likely be welcome and have a great time.

If you can't agree to be polite and take your arguments elsewhere, just don't bother to come around the site. Sorry, but we're not going to miss you, especially if you are one of the people who sit in chat and pretend that makes you a part of the community.

You want a site where you can tell people their idiots, revile someone because you don't believe in the same politics, or a place to just plain be impolite -- go start one. But if that's why you are at FM, then you're in the wrong site. Move along.

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