Friday, June 20, 2003

There. If You Dream of Forests Green has been edited yet again and is printing for submission to Realms of Fantasy. That's one of the two I need to do this month. I did a lot of editing this time, again, too. Cut about 400 words and tightened up the ending. I think I like it better, now.

I have the cover letter done, and the postcard ready to go with it. All I need is envelopes now. I have them, I just need them addressed and all that. But since this won't go out until tomorrow at the earliest, I'm fine.

What else? I did the county agenda, so it's done. I have all the material for the city agenda -- that's the long one -- and I'll get to it either later tonight or tomorrow.

Russ has gone off to snare us some dinner from the local sandwich shop. Seems like a good spot to take a break to me.

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