Friday, June 13, 2003

So, where do you think this post is going to end up? I'm betting NOT at the top of the page...

Anyway, I'm just sort of passing through as I try to figure out why yesterday's regular journal didn't upload at all, and why these are uploading out of order. Who knows. It's kind of funny, actually.

What else is going on? I have one important email to send off, and then I'm back to work on silly stuff. Well, not all silly -- but I'm still not pushing myself on the work. 1000 words a day, sometimes 2000... It seems to be going well. I'm getting the editing on Dacey's Dream done, which is quite a relief. I'm back off medication again, which is good and bad... I hope my body gets used to it soon and nothing comes back. (Kind of a useless wish, since some of the trouble has already started sprining up again anyway.)

Ah, but the weather here is really lovely. We've had days in the 80's, cloudy and breezy. We're supposed to have rain tonight, but I have seen no sign of anything yet. It's early. A nice thunderstorm (but not like the other day!) would be welcome.

Okay, off to do some work...

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