Tuesday, June 10, 2003

For some reason, it looks as though the 11th published below the 10th... so look down there if you're really that interested in my boring life. (grin)

I must be desperate to start pulling out the haiku.

Really, I just seemt o be having trouble settling down to any particular work. I have three non-fiction projects I'm working on, and notes to a couple different novels that I need to just sit down and get back to work on. Editing on Dacey's Dream is going well, but slow. I just need focus. Really.

And I think the only way I'm going to get it is to do something that helps me along every now and then. I list out everything I'm writing on, divide the number of projects into 1000 (base minimum word count for the day) and then write that much on each project. Eventually, one of the projects takes over my brain and I run with it. But in the mean time, it helps me stay in contact with the other pieces.

Okay then, what are the projects?


Interview for Vision
Writing Book
Animal Info Book
Bio and other info for Eternal Night
Requests for book reviews


Novel -- Emergent
Novel -- Hope in Hell
Short Story -- Up to Our Asses in Alligators
Short Story -- Chance Meeting
Short Story -- Epitaph in Falling Stars

Other things that must be done:

Editing for Vision
Editing Dacey

This is a lot more unfinished work than I like to have sitting around, and it shows just how out of it I've been for the last month and some days. That's ten items to work on, though some of the nonfiction and other things are not really required for a writing day -- I just need to get to them. But if I open up every one of these and write just 100 words on each... well, I won't get very far on any of the projects, but I'll have 1000 words in no time at all. So how about 200 words on each, which is at least a couple paragraphs. That sounds better...

But right now if I don't feed the hungry hordes of cats, I won't be allowed ot get anything done!

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