Thursday, June 12, 2003

I've done a goo stretch of editing on Dacey's Dream tonight. And I still even like the story. Always a good sign when you still have 350 more pages to go! The prose seems a little better than usual, at least in a draft that I'm still editing. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but at least I'm not freezing on it.

I haven't done any new writing yet for tonight -- no, that's not true. I did some handwritten notes. I'm going to do some short story work in a couple minutes and at least get my 1000 words in before I go back to Dacey's Dream. It's good that the editing is going well, of course, but I do need to get some other things done.

Other than that... got new Office Pro XP to play with, and I'm having fun. I have a warped sense of fun, of course, but trying out changes to programs always appeals to me, especially when some of the changes actually seem to help me work. (grin)

Off to work... at least for a while!

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