Wednesday, June 04, 2003

First, thank you to Sheila for mentioning one of my ebooks in her blog today. Notice anywhere is always helpful. I fear that I'm just not very good at the marketing side of all this, and that's one of the most important parts of being an epublished writer -- you have to get out there with your work and push it.

Today I am working on a massive non-fiction project, and rather enjoying the change of pace. I should be working on Vision, but I fear that my head isn't quite out of the drugged fuzzies yet, and I don't dare mess with stuff from other people.

I don't know how far I'll get on my 'secret' project, but it's something that I have wanted to do for a long time, and combines both writing and photography. I'll work a few days on it, and see how it looks. If it's not going together the way I hoped, I'll likely set it aside and just devote time to it now and then.

But for today, it's a nice break.

I'm really glad to have Ruins finished. (grin)

Leg is still giving me trouble, though. Another good thing about having to do research... and having the books with which to do it.

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