Monday, June 23, 2003

So, here I am back at work again. Things are going all right, as long as you don't count jabbing the dog's ear while trying to trim her an having blood all over. And now she won't let me near her, of course, so I can't even get her cleaned up. Russ is going to be... surprised? Oh, and there is the flood watch that goes with this incredible humid nasty weather. Or that Russ is going to be gone to North Dakota tomorrow with a friend.

I had to do an update to a page that I hadn't worked on in a long time, and the beast wouldn't upload for over an hour. Some days...

On the good side, last night I came up with a plan to expand Doors which I think is going to be called Glory now, after the MC. We'll see. I expect another change soon.

I've done some Vision work this afternoon, as well as writing up a bit on Fire-bellied Toads for my web site update. I'm about to open Dacey's Dream and get another section of it done as well, and I've finished my Interview with Eternal Night and will send it off later today. I still have one other piece to edit for my minimum submissions this month, and we'll have to wait and see what I come up with there. I have a funny new story I finished the other day, but now I want to put in a subplot that might help it out a bit. I think I can get that one done very fast and still bring it in under 3000 words.

Other than that... nothing much going on today. I'm anxious to get back to work! I guess a day away actually did help a bit.

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