Thursday, June 19, 2003

Russ has gone down to Omaha to help a friend out. I'm not sure how late he'll be getting back. I'm kind of floating along here trying to get my head locked down to some work, but I seem to have trouble concentrating again tonight. I have been having fun with one of my important research projects, though, and I'm just about done with a set of questions for an Interview from Eternal Night. I think I can at least get intersted in those things.

I started watching the X-Files last night. Really, four a night may be too much, since they are far darker than the Buffy shows.

I did edit some Vision articles today, so that's the good side of things. I have Dacey open, at least. Or I did. Word seems to have disappeared on me again. I have a slight glitch in XP, and we're working on getting it fixed. Otherwise, I really like it so far.

Anyway, off to do some work and pretend to be a real writer sort of person...

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