Saturday, June 21, 2003

Four and a half hours on that stupid agenda. But it is done, uploaded, and the pdf emailed. The rest of the weekend is now mostly my own again. I would have been done at least an hour earlier if the person who did the agenda had listened when we said not to do them a legal paper length because no one outside her office can print them off.

I do get awfully tired of being ignored, especially when it then takes me an extra hour to reformat everything so that the page breaks between items are right. It is really annoying because I should have thought to check it before I started. I really must stop expecting people to do things right after they've been shown.

Yes, I'm grumbling.

But at least the worst is done and I can get back to writing. Last night I pulled out a novel I hadn't worked on since February, and it went pretty well. Finished off a chapter, and ready to move on with it. I have other projects, too, of course. Time, in fact. to get back to work on anything and stop snarling about the agenda.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. We'll head down to Omaha and a wildlife refuge. Russ doesn't like zoos or I'd ask him to go there instead. It would be nice to go through threre once with him.

Ah well. We'll ahve a nice drive and a fun dinner!

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