Tuesday, June 03, 2003

That's from a pediment on a local building that is likely going to be torn down soon. I hate to see old history disappear like that, but it happens a lot around here.

Better day since I got to the doctor, but still kind of rough, obviously. Trying to get a little work done, and that's going all right. I really hope to just go lie down somewhere and read for a while.

I would like to have Ruins finished, of course, but then I've been saying that for days now. It's getting close. Just between pain and drugs to combat the pain, I can't seem to concentrate on the 'what next' stuff, even with it outlined. I'm inching my way through it, and I'll get there. Less stress is the plan. June is going to be my 'less stress' month.

It's not started out real well, but I have faith it will get better.

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