Monday, June 05, 2006

Moving my regular journal

The journal that I have kept since October, 1998 is in the process of moving. Right now I'm at the 'can't upload to the old site or the new site' spot, which is annoying. But I'll get there and get it figured out.

In the mean time, I'm still writing on it so I don't miss a day. I haven't missed any since the first day I started it, though when I'm on vacation (or having upload problems) everything is a few days late.

I am on the last rounds of editing with Vita's Vengeance. I'm really pleased because I think I'm going to have it out by the end of this week. It is a better book than I had hoped, to be honest. And I will be very glad to have it done.

I need to get better control of my time again. Things are starting to slip away from me. This happens more often lately, and I Russ thinks it's partly stress. I think he's right. I need to not worry so much about some of the stuff because I get distracted. I'll get to the Vision payments when I can. If I can't pay for my domain name it could be a problem (and it is due now) because that's where Vision is. I will likely lose my site because I can't pay for it, too, but if I can keep the domain name, I can move it to the Jatol site so we can keep Vision, at least.

Gah. Stress. Headache coming back again.

I have all the corrections for the 2YN book in hand. I had intended to do them this weekend, but I wanted to get Vita's Vengeance done first, and it's taken longer than I expected. Distracted, you see. If I can do these last two rounds of word hunts tonight, I think I can do the 2YN book tomorrow. It doesn't look bad at all and I am really looking foward to having it done.

Russ is helping me with Muse to get it ready for print, too. And the 2YN book will follow very soon. Maybe I can generate a little income and get some of my personal bills handled.

So, back to work, back to work. It's a good thing I love writing or else I'd be pulling my hair out right now. Posted by Picasa

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