Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I was told today that I have an incredible amount of patience. Oddly, it's true in most cases. Annoying things that drive others crazy can go on for a long time without doing more than getting a shake of my head. In fact, sometimes they go on until someone else complains. This is both good and bad. On the good side, I don't get annoyed very easily. On the bad side, things get out of hand before I decide step in.

The kittens would probably drive people crazy. They rush around, they get into things, they attack stuff they shouldn't. But I've been patient with them. I think they're sweeter for it.

But the point where my patience really shows is in the zoo pictures. I've been known to stand for an hour or more before one animal, waiting for it to act in a way that will get a good picture. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't. But then that's true of many things in life. Patience can win a great picture, but there's no guarantee that the animal will cooperate. Sometimes all it wins is sore feet.

I am putting together the zoo blog I talked about. I've been posting five or more pictures at a shot and I think I have around 40 up already. I have hundreds more to go. This little Degu is not up on the site yet. I'm still working through the pictures from March -- my first trip to the zoo with the new camera. I have pictures from a trip in April and three trips in May. I suspect I'll have a trip in June before I get all the others up. My hope is to go to the zoo at least once a month.

And then to patiently sort through 200 to 400 pictures and find the best ones. It's a long process, and often gets set aside while I take care of all the other things that must be done. The zoo photography is my hobby, after all. Hobbies can't have the top place on the list.

When I started putting the pictures up, I realized that no one would ever be able to find any specific animal. So I began an index with links directly to each entry. The Index link is at the top of the blog. I have the archives set to show the pictures by the day I posted them. A monthly archive would be far too long for some browsers.

And here it is: Posted by Picasa