Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Trying to work

On the good side, I have gotten a lot of things done off my To-Do list. On the bad side, I've had seven days of less than 1000 words in writing. It's not that I don't want to write. It's not that I'm bored with the story. It's that I can't stay focused long enough to get more than a hundred words out.

Part of this is because our 12 year old dog is very ill, and I don't think she'll last out the month. Medication isn't helping, and she's having a harder time moving and breathing each day. Gracie has been a good dog, and she's still quite happy -- but it's difficult to sit here in the house and listen to her gasp and cough sometimes, or walk with her and help her up and down the stairs to get outside.

Other problems are of the more mundane kinds. Checks have not arrived, of course. Bills are due. And our 27th anniversary is on Thursday. We'll have a good time -- I think a nice little ride down to De Soto might work, depending on the weather. Russ has a class to teach on Wednesday and one on Friday, but so far we've been lucky and Thursday is free. With luck, we'll have funds for both gas and some food. (grin)

On the 28th Russ will fly out to New York for a job interview. This is good....and bad. I don't want him to move to New York, but it may be the only way we can keep going at all. Quite obviously we wouldn't have the money for me to move with him, not for a long time. I know it's not unusual these days for husbands to have to move far away to get jobs, but I don't particularly like it.

There is a possibility of a job in Omaha instead, but they are taking a while to make up their minds. I wish they would so that I don't ahve to worry about the New York job at all. Fret, fret, fret. But however it works out, things will be fine. I have a great next door neighbor, so I know if there are problems here, I can count on her. And virtually everything in town is within walking distance. (I have mentioned that I don't drive, right? Even if we could afford a second car and insurance... grin.)

And to make things even more annoying, I have hurt my left leg. It aches from the hip all the way to the ankle. I could have gone to the zoo tomorrow, but I've decided to pass on it, even though the leg feels a little better today than it did yesterday.

Okay. I'm going to actually write 1000 words today. I don't think there's much else going on that absolutely needs my attention. Except maybe these two crazed kittens, charging around the house.

Funny how I can find distractions, even when I really don't need to. (grin) Posted by Picasa

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Jean said...

Hugs. I'm sorry to hear Gracie isn't doing any better. I know you're making her as comfortable as possible. Still hoping for better news.