Thursday, June 15, 2006

Touched by the Wild

This is the upcoming 'blog' novel cover. Or at least the version I have so far. (grin)

I have the first chapter done and I'm moving on to chapter two. I want quite a few of them lined up before July1. The only problem I see is trying to figure out how to do the posts so that they stay in order, with the first chapter at the top and working down. I suspect I could do something with the dating? Republishing posts each time?

This is odd. I'm actually enjoying this idea. Of course, it helps that I have two novels ready to go off to publishers and the dreaded submission pile right now, too. And a short story that I can't seem to figure out where to send. And a romance novelette (or is it a novella? I've forgotten the word count), and absolutely no idea at all what to do with it. It's a 'tame' romance. No sex in it. (grin) Which, of course, will probably make it even harder to place. (Okay, I went and checked. 25,974 in the first draft.) (And I edited a bit while I was there, of course.)

For the most part, that's it for today. Still working on the zoo blog site. It's fun, too.

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Mama Rose said...

Here's a fun thing for you. As I've been reading blogs and following links I've discovered that there's actually a name for books posted on blogs--"Blooks". Weird, huh?


booklover said...

On sollution might be that you post them so that the latest chapter is first, but that you have links to all of the chapters in the sidebar.