Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not well

Better than I was yesterday, when I spent part of the day on the bathroom floor, too ill to get up and move. Russ, of course, was not in town. By the time he made it home late last night, I had finally managed to crawl back into bed.

Today I'm feeling better, though not great. And it's not helping me get anything done, either. I did finally get some work for the county up on their site, answered a couple emails, and stopped by FM for a few minutes.

Oh, and the cable company turned off my modem yesterday for no reason at all. They've also had my email locked down a few times -- and can't tell me why. So things are screwy. It doesn't help.

The dog is still doing all right today.

Russ cancelled his trip to New York, for which I am very thankful.

Oh, and my father went into the hospital yesterday, but he's out today and back home. Since my mother died a year ago this week, it was kind of worrying there.

All in all, yesterday was not a good day, though. And right now I'd like to just rest... but I still have a couple things that need to be done. So off to work I go. Posted by Picasa

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