Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Yes, I know. You are all shocked, and some of you dismayed. I am now in charge of Forward Motion. I have taken over the daily running of the site for Holly, who will step back from the continual drain it has taken on her time and her emotions.

This isn't the first time Holly had suggested that I take it over. It was the first time that we both came very close to saying that we weren't sure we wanted to keep up the work. Remember, Holly has not only a family but a full time career with new contracts. So does Sheila.

I have more time than either of them. And while I came very close to saying, no -- just pull the plug, I found at the last moment that I could not do it. There are too many really great people on Forward Motion who do not deserve to be abandoned just because the others had just worn us down.

Like Holly said, this time was coming anyway. We had both talked about it... but it was one of those 'eventual' things that you don't suddenly expect to wake up one day and find has happened.

I got pretty emotional and hot about the last breach of trust that tore through the site. But that's over, the people have moved on, and the good people who are at the site to learn are going to stay there.

Forward Motion is not a site for everyone. There are people who cannot divorce their politics, religion or any other hot topic belief from themselves long enough to just stick to writing topics that don't include debate on those subjects. For them, that's the big important part of life. And it should be. But...

But some of us don't mind having a nice safe place to go where we can visit with each other, discuss the latest WIP and any technical problems we have with it, and not have to worry that if we say our main character is a Catholic Nun or a Wicca Priestess that one side or the other is going to start leaping up and down about how evil we are.

That's the point, people. Not to curtail what anyone thinks or believes, but to make a place where it doesn't matter. You can come to Forward Motion and know that you are not going to suddenly find yourself the center of a flamewar for your beliefs.

Forward Motion is not going to change. If it suits you, I hope that you stay around (or you come and join us). If you are not looking for a site devoted to writing to this extreme, then there are other sites. And no one has ever said you can't belong to as many as you have time for.

So I hope you enjoy everything at the site. As soon as the move comes to the new server (ack... again...), we're going to just keep going like we have all along.

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