Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well, yes, busy...

And not all together able to keep up with the work either. Very odd to be feeling this way, but I seem to be coming out of it. My body is adjusting to medications and my arms are healing from all the pokes and prods -- bruises are still pretty spectacular, though!

Writing has been going, but not at it's best. Not bad -- I've managed well over 1000 for the last couple days again. I've done some work on FM today, but I don't want to upload the changes until late tonight, in case I screw things up. So, I'll let that go for a bit and start writing now.

I wish they'd get the chat fixed... but I'm going to assume that some of these people are in the power outage area, and just assume that we're going to be on Cato for at least another day or so.

At any rate, I think things are going all right. I'm feeling better over all, but tonight I have a horrid shoulder/neck tension pain that I hope will clear up soon. I can't even guess what brought that on. Time, I think to take a break from typing, though!

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