Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Good afternoon!

I've been up and working for over an hour. Amazingly, I haven't gotten anything done. Hmmm.... I spent most of the time trying to track down an email so that I could find out who had written a review for Vision. I never did find it, so the review gets put on hold.

If you write something, be sure to put your name under the title...

So I'm on to editing other things for Vision. I'm going to get two or three of them done this afternoon before I send them off to the copy editor.

Then... writing. I did very well yesterday, with over 4000 words -- but not nearly enough done on Glory, which will be what I start with today.

Okay, it's about a quarter to two. I'll work on Vision stuff until three and then write for a bit. Or I'll get to Glory sooner if I get enough of Vision done.

Which makes me think I ought to be working on that and not this, right?

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