Sunday, August 24, 2003

This was the kind of day that started out bad, got worse... and then improved beyond all expectations.

Yesterday the doctor told me my blood pressure is still way too high, like I said. He gave me a new medication. I was to take it at night. I did.

And I could tell it just wasn't quite right from the start, but I thought I'd probably get better. I didn't. I went to bed about 4am hoping just to get past it by morning. I was back up at 9am about ready to go to the hospital. My heart was racing, my chest felt tight, and I felt increasingly ill. I knew the new medication was timed release, and I had hit the peak time. I figured if I could get past that, I'd be better. About 11:30 I finally took my other medication, which actually helped knock down some of the symptoms. By 2pm I felt well enough to go for a nice, relaxing ride with Russ. He took me down to DeSoto Wildlife refuge and I had one of the best days there that I ever remember. Everything seemed to show up for pictures -- frogs, deer, turkey, bunnies, butterflies, dragon flies...

I will not be taking the medication tonight. I'm still a bit off tonight, so I'm just going to do a little writing and not push anything. I had a good day despite how it started. And I'm in a good mood tonight, too. It looks like a good time just to kick back a bit.

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