Thursday, August 21, 2003

Well, that went very well! Three articles edited and off to the copy editor (Hi Mariko!). Now I need to feed the two herds of cats (indoor and outdoor) so that they stop swarming like little sharks at my feet.

Russ might have a class to teach tonight, so I should start considering what I want to eat. He might be by in the next hour, so I'll wait a little longer.

I have some FM work to get done, too. But as soon as I get past that, I'll be free to do some writing. I edited a lot of Glory yesterday -- actually got more words on it than I did on Badlands. I'd like to do that much again, but it's hard to say if it will happen.

And why is my cat acting like some strange, huge creature just ran out at my feet. I think I'll just get up now and feed them... and check under the desk.

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