Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well, I have to admit that I don't know why I keep expecting better of people. I do, but it never really happens.

Nonny is into round two (or maybe three) of the revisionist history of what happened. She now says she gave Shay permission to talk about her age.

Yeah right. This child has repeatedly lied about stuff. And yes, not telling people your age because you know that it will have an affect on your status as moderator is lying. You can do all the 'the rules didn't say so' games you want with that one... but there was specifically stated that underage moderators will be given status as Junior Moderators.

She didn't know? Right. That's why she felt compelled to fess up right after her 18th birthday. And why she repeatedly asked that it not be mentioned -- which everyone but her good friend respected.

Shay's note said nothing about Nonny giving him permission. It did cover things specifically out of the Moderator Chat... not well, mind you, because he lied about why Nonny was removed from moderator status. It had nothing to do with her age and everything to do with trust.

And she thinks we should trust her word now as well?

Shay was not removed from being a moderator because of the letter. He had already lost that status, along with a handful of other people. He was removed from the site for not obeying a specific site rule he agreed to uphold when he became a moderator.

He screwed up, people. He got hot and angry because he had already been removed from a post before he could resign (I love the irony of that one!) and he posted something on the main board that was a flagrant disregard of the trust that had been put in him.

But then, understanding the meaning of trust seems to be common problem with this group.

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