Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hour 10 (I think) = 15,842

Some of that was an addition to material from yesterday. After I went to bed I realized I needed to fill a bit of a plot hole, and better to do it with a couple lines now than miss it entirely and risk not catching it in the rewrite.

I woke up very ill this morning and ended up staying in bed for a couple hours longer than I intended. I'm still having trouble with the medications I'm taking, but I've been told that's pretty common for the first month or so. I think I feel better over all, though it's hard to tell when I'm so constantly sick to my stomach.

I did so well on the first 45 phases that I've been able to cut the needed word count down to 200 words per phase for the rest of the book. This is all subjective numbering of course -- but it gives me a feeling of something doable when I look at the numbers. I can reach 200 words at a shot. Not a problem. The fact that none of them have been less than 200 words -- and many of them 300 or more -- is not important. The numbers are just there to give me something to aim at and to feel like I'm reaching a goal.

So, off to hour 11 of the work. I hope I don't get ill again.

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