Thursday, August 21, 2003

Interesting day for email with both Holly and Sheila deciding they have to get a lock on their contracted work. I look at the amount of writing they've agreed to do and even I shudder.

If there had been no big problems with Forward Motion they likely wouldn't feel the need to completely cut off from it in order to get work done, but the kinds of blow ups like we just had take both time and energy. I wish the others had all just picked up their toys and gone to their new site without all the histrionics, and little chat games on their way out. We'd all be getting along fine now. I still think the new site is a wonderful idea because it apparently gives these people the outlet that they truly needed. I've never pretended that FM is the site that's perfect for everyone.

However, there are people for whom Forward Motion is the perfect point along the path -- it had been, in fact for several of the people who left. They never would have gone on to Evolution if they'd not had Forward Motion as a base to learn from, and no matter how well they are doing in their new site, they have to realize that they would have nothing if they hadn't had FM first. So they owe Holly, and that has to be annoying considering all the vilification that has been tossed her way in the last few weeks.

Well, despite their best efforts, Forward Motion is still going and will keep going. We have a new tech team -- one that actually does something, rather than talking about what they almost did in the past -- and a good set of moderators. Holly and Sheila are both still available, and both have said they'll be back when they get their contract work beaten into shape.

We have some neat new things going on at the site, like Back to School for Busy Writers. I'm about to write up the schedule of September classes for that one. I have a challenge ready for September that I'm going to post in the next couple days. Vision is about half done as well.

And most of us will be getting on with our own writing work. That's what it's really all about, after all.

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