Saturday, August 02, 2003

Okay, the trouble at Forward Motion... Can I say that I really dislike stupid, childish games.

Dstar -- Shalon -- was not doing the work of a moderator. That would be obvious to anyone who looked around the site. He was not the only one, and he was part of a group that got dropped from Moderator position. The deal was that if they picked up the work on the site in the next six months, they could reapply for the position.

Dstar is the most unethical, lying bastard that I've ever had the displeasure to have to associate with. His post, after his removal for not doing work, was the worst kind of grandstanding I have ever seen.

The whole secrecy behind the other site they're setting up was probably just a bad mistake on their part. I can understand how something like that can get out of hand. But they had made a couple members uneasy in the approach, and when the rest of this fell out, I started hearing about it.

Stupid stuff.

I'm taking a break. I might come back and rant more, later.

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