Friday, July 18, 2003

Yesterday turned out to be another great writing day. with a little over 5,000 words, most of them on Badlands. I haven't had a chance to get back to work yet today, but I'm almost there now. I've done the agenda -- the beast tried to be trouble, but I got it straightened out. And it is up and done, and life is good. I think.

I've managed to do my 1000 a day on Glory... and I've enjoyed it. I feared that trying to add 15-20,000 words was going to wear me down, and I think it would have if I'd try to do it all in one rush. I've played with the characters more than I usually do, drawing out little pieces at a time. I don't know that it will make a better novel, though. I'm waiting until I get all the way to the end, and then I'll go back and reread and do the real edit.

I have definitely decided on submission projects for the next couple months. I'm starting with Badlands. I'm also going to do at least one YA non sf/fantasy book, although I can't decide between Differential Equations and Waiting for the Last Dance. There is time to think about it.

So, now I get to go open Glory and do that work before I turn to Badlands again. I also have a short story I want to rework and get out. Another non-genre piece that I think I can sell, if I can just find the right market.

Okay. I'm about ready to go write now!

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