Saturday, July 05, 2003

Projects to the right of me. Projects to the left of me... will I actually ever get any of them done?

Not likely. But you know... I'm having a good time working on them. And my file cabinets are about 2/3rds organized again. I have to clear one complete drawer of junk out and use it for actual story stuff. LOL.

I also have found that I don't have printed copies of all the stories I've sold. I have copies printed from the websites -- I keep notebooks of those -- but many of the stories I wrote and sold directly to ezines never made it to print. For that matter, neither did the latest copies of some of the books. I'll be doing that over the next few days. Bought an entire case of paper, just to make certain I'd get through them all.

Had a pretty good day today, including the absolutely incredible rain storm while at Pizza Hut. I just got the city agenda work done and mailed off, too.

And now... back to work on something fun!

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