Sunday, July 06, 2003

I have come up with my writing project for this month. It's to add 20-30,000 words to Glory. Glory used to be Doors, Which used to be The First Open Door. It is now the first of a trilogy. I always knew there would be more stories -- that's obvious from the ending of the first one. But now I have the titles and the first hints of plots. The titles are Glory, Dreams and Eternity.

The main character's name is Glory, so this works very well for the first book. Or at least I think so this week.

I cut some material near the end of book one to start out book two instead. That dropped the book down to about 67,500 words. I added in around 3000 words last night from notes I'd been doing. Now the question is whether I can do that for another ten days or so. (grin)

Anyway, I'm excited and happy about it. I like this book. I snippeted it chat last night and got a good reaction, too.

Other work is going well, too.

Obviously, I'm getting back into the swing of things!

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