Tuesday, July 15, 2003

After a couple days of feeling absolutely lousy, the fever broke about 8pm last night. I then wrote 3000 words and had a very good time. Almost a giddy time in, some ways.

I got up today and did some work around the house before I came in here to sit down. I have two pieces I'm working on today, Glory and the short story, A Magic Place. I finally realized where A Magic Place fits in my storyline for that particular set of characters. It's going to make writing the ending all the better... though, in fact, it may go far longer than I anticipated. We'll see. It's all ready over 10,000 words.

Glory is up over 81,000. Not too bad, all in all. The adding 1000 words a day is both confining and liberating. Confining in that I usually really want to write more... but liberating because I can focus on such a small piece for a change, that I don't feel like I need to leap and run with every word. Since 1000 has been my minimum goal per day for years, it works very well in that respect, too. I can work on the novel, spend hours on those few words and editing the material around it, and still do fine in word count.

Last night many of us tried a new mini-goal type of writing in chat. 100 words at a shot. Great for those nights when you really want to chat, but need to get the writing done. It was kind of funny. Every few minutes someone would say they were going for another 100... and we'd all leap into our WIPs, work for a few minutes, and then start talking again.

Russ will be home tonight. There has been a problem with the email server the entire time he was gone... people are unhappy. Well, considering the entire server is going away in a month and a half (along with many of my sites, like my regular journal and the zoo site), they're going to have to get used to it.

Okay... is it time to write now?

Yeah, I think I kind squeeze 100 words in. (grin)

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