Sunday, July 13, 2003

Somewhere around 4am this morning I hit 500,000 words for the year.

Not bad, especially since I hadn't planned on it. I almost missed it, in fact -- but I was feeling a little uninterested in writing much, and took a look at the numbers on my spread sheet. Seeing that I was so close gave me the little push to write a couple thousand words.

I'm mostly amazed because I've been doing far more editing than I did last year, and editing means no new words when I'm working on that stuff. I am farther than I had been last year at this time...

However, I did 180,000 words on the NaNo Month last year, and I really don't see myself doing that again. I could be wrong. I've done odd things before -- obviously -- but I'm not sure I see it this year.

Russ is off on a teaching expedition in South Dakota for the next couple days. I'm recovering from a bad bout of flu, or something akin to it. I'm going to be taking it easy while he's gone. So far, I've slept and fed the guys. Next step is to open a WIP or two and do some writing. I'm living on Tums, though. I hope to get past that, too.

Off to work. It's the best way for me to feel better. I pulled out one of the short stories -- A Magic Place -- last night to get at least 1000 of the words I needed. Amazing -- I fell right into the story, and now I want to finish it. Of course, I still have Glory to work on as well. I've been adding 1000 words a day to it, and quite happy.

I'm having some thoughts about Glory again. Like I'm not sure I should have cut that ending off... but rather moved the action in it up to another scene. I might do that still. I have the new scene blocked in, but I haven't filled out the action there yet.

Time to go write something...

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