Tuesday, July 22, 2003

And tonight... over 5,000 words.

And three raccoons. I wish I could have gotten some good pictures of them!

Anyway, the writing has gone very well, obviously. I'm up to 52 pages on Badlands. I'm going to 100 and then doing the synopsis and that stuff. Then I'll ship it off and go to the next novel. I hope to get two or three of them out before the end of August.

I should do stuff like this more often. I get too caught up in 'new' and don't do enough with the older material I have more than enough to work with. And it's not like I fear rejection slips. A lot of it is lazyness.

I'm done with writing for the night, at least. I'm going to work on a couple other projects and relax for a bit.

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